RG2300A Core SO-DIMM

RG2300A Core SO-DIMM

产品品牌: ICRON
产品类型: 板卡
产品型号: RG2300A Core SO-DIMM
传输距离: 100米或10千米
端口数量: 1

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USB2.0 RG2300A Core SO-DIMM Form Factor

TheUSB 2.0 RG2300A Core module is available in an easy-to-integrate pluggableSO-DIMM form factor and supports extension of up to 100m over CAT 5e (orbetter), up to 500m over multimode fiber, and up to 10km over single modefiber. It provides for direct connectivity in MII, GMII, RGMII or TBI modes,and is optimized for mass storage throughout speeds.


TheUSB 2.0 RG2300A Core module continues the tradition of being the most robustand reliable embedded USB 2.0 extender module on the market. Available in aneasy-to-integrate pluggable SO-DIMM form factor, the RG2300A Core supportsdirect USB 2.0 extension connectivity of up to 100m over CAT 5e (or better) and10km over fiber.  It is optimized for mass storage throughput speeds andboasts market leading USB device and host compatibility.

Toassist developers with their OEM projects, the USB 2.0RG2300A Core Developer Kit provides a rapid means to evaluatethe RG2300A Core in your application and to prototype custom solutions. For USBover LAN connections and more advanced capabilities, please consider the RG2310ACore .


  • USB 2.0     throughputs up to 480Mbps

  • USB     extension over copper and fiber

  • Interoperability     with RG2304 series of extenders

  • Extend up to     31 USB devices (including hubs)

  • Pin-for-pin     compatibility with existing RG2100 Core hardware designs

Ask your sales representative for additional features that maymeet your specific requirements

Includes the ExtremeUSB® suite of features:

  • Transparent     USB extension

  • True plug     and play; no software drivers required

  • Works with all major operating     systems: Windows®, Mac OS X®, and Linux®



  • CAT 5e (or     better): 100 meters

  • Fiber: 500     meters (multimode) and 10 kilometers (singlemode)


  • PCB     Dimensions: 67.60mm x 31.75mm, PCB Thickness: 1.0mm +/- 0.1mm

  • Max PCBA     Height: Top: 2.5mm +/- 0.2mm, Bottom 1.1mm +/- 0.1mm

  • Mounting     Holes: 4.00mm +/- 0.10mm Diameter

  • Connector:     1.8V Standard Keyed 200pin SO-DIMM


  • Operating     Temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)

  • Storage     Temperature: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)

  • Operating     Humidity (non-condensing): 20% to 80% relative humidity

  • Storage     Humidity (non-condensing): 10% to 90% relative humidity


  • Power Supply: 3.3V  (Ask your sales representative for product specifications)


  • USB Speeds:     Low-speed, Full-speed, High-speed

  • Max     Throughput: Up to 480Mbps

  • Device     Compatibility: All device types and hubs

  • Host     Compatibility: OHCI, UHCI, EHCI, xHCI


  • Link     Interfaces: IEEE 802.3-2000 (MII, GMII, RGMII), Ten-Bit Interface (TBI)


  • Interface     PHYs:

§  Broadcom BCM5481, BCM54616 (GMII)

§  Realtek RTL8211 (GMII, RGMII)

§  Texas Instruments TLK1221 (TBI)

  • USB Hub:     SMSC/Microchip 251x, 251xB, Cypress CYUSB314

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